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Best Child Care in Murrieta, CA: Stepping Stones Child Development Center

Finding early childhood care and education for my second child is a daunting journey. I am first worried about finding a place that will take my child as an infant. Reliable infant care is often hard to find, but I don’t have a choice. With my first child I was able to stay at home for a few months, but this time I have to get back to work!
child and infant care
I am dishearteningly unsatisfied with the preschool where I have enrolled my first child, so as I begin looking for infant care I am also looking for early childhood education that is well known in Murieta, California.

Many preschools in Murrieta that I have visited don’t offer a solid curriculum. This makes me nervous because I know that enrolling in kindergarten is often a stressful time for a child and I want my children to be prepared.

I am so happy that I can stop at the middle of my list of preschools to visit because I have found Stepping Stones Child Development Center. Among many great things they offer a curriculum that provides learning for children of every age, so I can enroll both my children and feel confident that they are in good hands.

Many things about this Murrieta Preschool has put me at ease. The teachers are all educated and knowledgeable about caring for children’s academic and emotional needs, the school focuses on the respected differences and individuality of children making learning a social as well as an academic process, and I love that I can continue to use their services for many years because the also offer after school programs.

I feel confident that enrolling my two children in Stepping Stones Child Development Center will be a good choice for their futures.

Stepping Stones Preschool & Infant Child Care
29910 Hunter Rd
Murrieta, CA 92563
(951) 304-7777